Enterprise E-Commerce | Converse

Tacit Knowledge and Admios worked as an Agile development team on the Converse e-commerce project, where the main objectives were to:

  • Create a unified brand experience across global markets, mainly Europe

  • Customize local content, pricing and promotion capabilities using Demandware

  • Setup and adjust the e-commerce platform for Europe

  • Increase user engagement by completely redesigning the UI and UX

  • Simplify the Check-Out process through integrations with payment gateways

  • Increase brand awareness by creating different landing pages

  • Micro-site "customize your own" refactor to HTML5


CONVERSE, a multinational organization, and TACIT Knowledge needed a partner with experience in enterprise level e-commerce, as they would be using DEMANDWARE, an e-commerce platform. This technology is a very agile and scalable model for enterprise retail and has a unique approach to digital commerce that combines the speed, flexibility and innovation required to be on top of the ever-evolving world of retail.

ADMIOS and TACIT Knowledge worked together in every stage, from discovery to planning, to development to launch, as to ensure the project proceeded as efficiently as possible, utilizing our architects, analysts, developers and infrastructure specialists to craft a solution that could withstand the needs of a major global enterprise.  

The project was carried across the European market, so that CONVERSE could unify their brand experience while tailoring some specific functionalities to specific markets.