Encrypted Messaging Platform

Admios took part in the restructuring and improvement process, alongside  Symphony's team of engineers, to create a more interactive, user friendly and intuitive Platform with new features:

  • The complete Sign-up Workflow, or registration process

  • An invitation section within internal and external servers  

  • Create, organize and set the user profiles

  • Implement a 2 two-step authentication Login

  • Integrate with Twilio for mobile access  

  • Improvements to the back-end and front-end dashboard development

To accomplish the aforementioned objectives, the team of engineers at ADMIOS, had to turn to flexible and specific set of technologies in order to fulfill the client's many requirements.

To make sure the messaging platform was encrypted, secure and cloud-based, SYMPHONY and ADMIOS decided to rely on the following for the new features and improvements:

  • Backbone Js

  • Java

  • Twilio

  • Javascript

  • Constructing and Integrations with APIs