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Admios H-1B Visa Alternative

Losing access to the H-1B Visa will be crippling to software development teams.  Many, possibly yourselves, have engineering applicants in process and are counting on those resources to hit this year’s release calendar. For most high growth teams losing real time access to even one critical resource forced to work overseas can add risk to your product roadmap.

Why wait for the hammer to drop from Trump? His administration’s recent move to limit or eliminate the H-1B visa program signals unpredictability in your labor pool at best and shutting it down at worst.

H1-B’s bring extraordinary software talent to your office in the states where proximity allows for maximum impact.  The next best thing to having them local, is a convenient, time-zone approximate remote location where collaboration with internal teams presents the least friction.  There are several reasons Admios’s offering is better than sending them back home:

  • The same or similar time zone
  • Quick Visa turnaround times - most in less than 3 weeks.  No long legal process.
  • Direct flights from New York, San Francisco, LA, Houston, and other large metros and ability to travel to the US to work with local teams with minimal friction
  • Coworkers with deep software expertise, strong English, and difficult custom development work underway with some of Silicon Valley’s most demanding firms to exchange ideas over lunch.
  • State of the art office and conveniences
  • Panama City’s welcoming, urban, tropical, recreation-rich lifestyle

At Admios, we’ve been building facilities, operations, and nearshore teams for US firms for over a decade and stand ready to facilitate your H1-B candidates and employees and alternative well suited to your team and far superior to repatriating these key personnel to their country of origin.  candidates and employees with an alternative well suited to your team and far superior to repatriating these key personnel to their country of origin.

Office Experience

Admios has been building teams for North American firms from our nearshore office in Panama since 2006 with an unmatched time zone and proximity.  A day in the life of an Admios software professional includes:


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  • Weekly engineering lunch talks with real world examples
  • Access to proprietary training systems and mentors on a variety of leading technologies
  • Newest Apple Pro laptops and spare oversized monitors
  • Hi speed internet access with 2 redundant failover carriers - protected hardwired VPN and networking support
  • Daily shuttles from transit center with wifi to eliminate commute hassles
  • Catered lunch daily with changing menus
  • Stocked office snacks and kitchen access
  • Multicultural environment
  • Company holiday parties and regular company outings
  • Easy parking, large outdoor campus, with walking distance convenience to restaurants, stores, gym, recreation, and a company soccer team!
  • Paid private medical insurance and access to Panama’s public healthcare system
  • Gym memberships
  • Paid legal services and advice
  • Help with relocation and coordination


location and facilities

Located only a few miles from Panama City's downtown, you will find the City of Knowledge, where the Admios offices are located. The office counts with more than 4,000 sq feet, with open work spaces, 6 conference rooms and many other amenities such as an area of relaxation, terrace, and a game-room.  The technology park has many fine dining and casual dining locations on campus, as well as a pharmacy, department store, bowling alley, multiple children’s private schools and daycare, University (Florida State University), conference facilities, private security, and bus system.  


Panama is widely known as the commercial hub for The Americas, being recognized worldwide for The Panama Canal and also its tourism, but most company executives, who are used to file H-1B visas for future on-site employees do not know the advantages that Panama has to offer in this sense.



Some key facts of having collaborators onsite in Panama are:

  • Similar time zone with the U.S. (Central during DST and Eastern over the winter)
  • A metropolitan culture with citizens from all over the world
  • Less than a day’s travel time to the U.S. and the employer's headquarters
  • Culture and lifestyle similar to the U.S. (There are more skyscrapers in Panama City than San Francisco)
  • Much more cost-efficient for everyday conveniences than the US or Canada
  • A tropical climate to enjoy the outdoors.

 For more information about Panama click here.

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