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Panama is widely known as the commercial hub for The Americas, being recognized worldwide for The Panama Canal and also its tourism, but most company executives, who are used to file H-1B visas for future on-site employees do not know the advantages that Panama has to offer in this sense.



Some key facts of having collaborators onsite in Panama are:

  • Similar time zone with the U.S. (Central during DST and Eastern over the winter)
  • A metropolitan culture with citizens from all over the world
  • Less than a day’s travel time to the U.S. and the employer's headquarters
  • Culture and lifestyle similar to the U.S. (There are more skyscrapers in Panama City than San Francisco)
  • Much more cost-efficient for everyday conveniences than the US or Canada
  • A tropical climate to enjoy the outdoors.

 For more information about Panama click here.

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