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Off-site Teams of Agile Engineers is the ideal structure implemented by the biggest companies around such as Microsoft, Google, Yoodle, etc. Much more than a trend, off-site teams contribute to the growth of the company and bring to the table unmatched benefits such as:

  • Access to innovation and cutting-edge technologies
  • Better practices
  • Great and vast offer of high quality talent with multiple features
  • Reduction in operating expenses and costs
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Offsite Agile Teams 

For over a couple of years now, Admios has been building nearshore Agile Teams for very demanding projects, with very specific characteristics and for Global renown companies.

Setting up nearshore Agile Teams is our speciality, exceeding our clients expectations by grouping the right people, with the appropriate skill-sets under the adequate infrastructure, so to become an Agile Team and surpass the client's expectations.

Admios H-1B Visa Alternative

The H-1B Visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows U.S. employers to temporarily employ foreign professionals in specialty occupations for three years, extendable to six years. 

The current administration has promised to limit or eliminate the H-1B visa program and is already eliminating the expedited H-1B process.

This decision will have a direct impact on the performance and evolution of many companies and that is why we at Admios offer the perfect solution to turn around the whole H-1B imposition for technology teams. 

Contact us and let us help you with this set back!