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Panama is widely known as the commercial hub for The Americas, being recognized worldwide for The Panama Canal and also its tourism, but most company executives, who are used to file H-1B visas for future on-site employees do not know the advantages that Panama has to offer in this sense.

Some key facts of having collaborators onsite in Panama are:

  • Similar time zone with the U.S.

  • Easier relocating processes

  • Proximity to the U.S. and the employer's headquarters

  • Culture and lifestyle very alike to the U.S.

  • Much more cost-efficient

City of Knowledge


The City of Knowledge, which is home to a booming international community, established for the purpose of business, academic, scientific and humanistic collaboration.

Panama's City of Knowledge offers special benefits to companies and workers who are onsite and it is a Campus that focuses on boosting, integrating, innovating and transmitting knowledge.  

Proximity and timezone

Panama is in Central America and is bordered by Costa Rica to the west,  Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The capital and largest city is Panama City, whose metropolitan area is home to nearly half of the country's 4.1 million people.

Thanks to Panama's geographic location, if the customer requires the employee to be "on-site" on short notice, this could be arranged easily, since he/she only have to catch a direct 3 hour flight to the US, instead of at least 3 flights with more than 20 hours of travel accumulated, when having to regroup from Europe, the middle east or Asia.

The time zone also plays a crucial role in the final location, since Panama is EST and therefore, the clients avoid problems of not finding a Team available for an emergency meeting since the Teams working hours are completely the opposite



Weather, amenities and culture

Located very close to the equator the climate of Panama is pretty much the same year round, and while winters can be a bit cooler it would be hard to notice. The daytime temperatures can be quite hot, and the evenings mild, except for the rather high year-round humidity.

Panamanian culture is a hybrid of African, Native Panamanian, and European culture - specifically Spanish. It is home to more than 100 different nationalities, being a very attractive place to settle in or just visit for a few weeks. 

It is the perfect blend between a cosmopolitan, high paced city and the "relaxed at the beach" state of mind. There are endless things to do in Panama apart from working, that is why we consider this location to be the best suit for our Agile Remote Teams.   For more information about Panama click here.

Admios has the adequate infrastructure, ranging from legal to relocation services, as well as providing a well equipped, cozy and comfortable place to work.

So...why keep pushing on the "uncertainty" button when you have other possibilities at the tip of your hands. Let's explore together the options and each of their benefits.

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