Apply the cloud model to your Development Team

The cloud dramatically changed how software companies control infrastructure

A decade ago, the first commercial cloud service providers—AWS and SoftLayer—came onto the scene to completely change the way we store and consume information, in turn, drastically affecting how we work and do business. Since then, the cloud has empowered entrepreneurs and large organizations alike to completely rethink their business models and innovate at a scale previously unseen. This via the unmatched flexibility and agility, not to mention the cost-efficiencies, afforded by the very nature of the cloud.

Why not apply those same principles to your development team?

Now, what if I told you that you could have this same experience with your development team? Like any organization bolstering their infrastructure with the cloud, you can do the same for your development team with Admios.

Your needs are constantly changing

Development teams often face the dilemma of having to deliver nearly impossible results with nowhere near enough resources or time. But regardless of circumstance, teams need to meet new milestones—investment dollars are coming in and evidence of progress in needed. This can be a huge issue for a growing business that lacks the right in-house development team.

The hybrid team model allows you to dynamically adapt your team to meet those needs

In comes the hybrid team model. Like the cloud, having elastic capabilities to support development teams and projects can mean greater efficiency compared to traditional methods. When in need of developers, businesses either outsource for reduced spend or put all their efforts into a local elite team. But neither route offers the versatility needed for today’s fast-paced businesses markets. Move too slow and you’ll miss the market opportunity. There are also the problems inherent with taking those routes. Outsourcing done wrong can be a big mistake. There is often no real way to vet quality and it does not ensure a cohesive, functional team. Some of the outsourcing firms themselves are stretched thin, with some good talent backed by much junior talent that does not communicate with the client—leading to inefficiencies. Offshoring can also mean workers in disparate locations that make staying on the same page across time zones, language and cultural barriers difficult. Creating an internal team can be even more difficult to manage considering the demand for high-caliber talent in Silicon Valley. It’s an entire project in its own right. Can you compete with Facebook?

Hybrid teams complement, but don’t replace, internal hires

The hybrid team model we power at Admios tackles these problems head on. We have a long history of development in the Bay Area and have infused that state of mind until all aspect of our business. Further, we are nearshore in Panama to provide a seamless experience. We integrate with the local teams with thoughtful, client specific team integration strategies—particularly, tapping agile to enable successful cross team communication and speed. We don’t just augment your team, we become part of it. You get the nearshore experience with the local Silicon Valley feel. Think innovation, smart choices, frequent communication, and a passion for new technology.

Hybrid teams are based on top tier talent - just like your internal team

Moreover, we handpick team members from top development, financial firms and universities in Panama. Why compete with tech giants for the scraps of talent left in the Valley when we can offer top-tier talent trained through repeatable training programs for new technologies based on Bay Area best practices and culture? Communication is constant, transparency is central and seamless integration the goal.

Like any team, hybrid teams must be built consciously

Just grabbing a bunch of contractors doesn’t create a team. Neither does throwing lots of inexperienced developers at a project. You need a mix of skills and personalities that have worked together repeatedly and know what it takes to work best on any given project that can cohesively augment your own team. And that’s exactly who we are at Admios.


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