Looking for Software Development Engineer in Test?

Looking for Software Development Engineer in Test?

What is a Software Development Engineer in Test?

Software development engineer in test, sometimes called SDET or SET, is a specific type of software developer whose job is entirely writing automated tests for software applications. They typically work with mobile, frontend, and backed engineers to automate software testing and QA.

At Admios, we provide clients with specific SDET engineers to vastly increase test coverage across their tech stack. 

How does a Software Developer in Test Differ from QA?

QA teams typically perform manually checks and verification for software applications in staging environments via user testing, UI walkthroughs, and acceptance criteria. This type of QA can be performed by non-technical staff, however it is slow and labor intensive. For large, complex applications, it can be very costly to perform manual QA across the entire stack.

Software developers in test are experienced software engineers that write automated testing scripts for the following testing purposes:

  • Regression tests
  • End-to-end tests
  • Load testing

SDETs typically use frameworks such as Selenium and Cypress Tests to automate testing. Tests can verify behavior, data sources, and user flows.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Software Developer in Test?

For one of our clients, an Admios developer wrote ~400 automated tests that run every 2 hours. This drastically increases testing coverage and allows for bugs and defects to be identified more frequently. The major benefits an SDET can provide to your operations are the following:

  • Increase in product quality & functionality
  • Decrease in bugs & defects across the board
  • Rapid identification of issues, able to catch them before the client does
  • Assist operations in identifying bugs/downtime in 3rd party data providers
  • Save time and resources for testing capabilities

If you’re interested in how a software developer in test can help your engineering team, click here to get introduced to some of experienced developers. 

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