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/* Supporting growth while maintaining team quality and culture */

Highly-skilled dev team at work

Not the B Team

High performing devs with years of experience across multiple projects, industries, and tech stacks.

  • Our engineers make significant contributions to Silicon Valley software products. Odds are you’ve used Admios-built software.
  • Deep technical experience from banking to timing auto races to VFX in the cloud and more.
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Fast, easy on-boarding

  • Get resources within days with our Bay area headquarters, US based timezone, and no BS contracting.
  • Flex resources up and down with ease, without the hassles of commitment to full time employees.
  • Don’t distract engineering teams with screening & on-boarding. Let us handle that.
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Pull requests to be proud of

  • We're committed to getting the job done and always deliver code we stand behind.
  • Our transparent, ‘speak up’ culture is designed to establish trustworthy client relationships. We're not just order takers.
  • We are not afraid to have the hard conversations to ensure we are solving problems and delivering quality solutions.
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We believe communication builds trust and leadership through honesty and candor.

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We enjoy new challenges, are self-driven and take initiative when it comes to learning.

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We take great pride in making the right decisions and prioritizing what is important for clients and our team.

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We are constantly learning from each other and sharing knowledge. We know this is essential to our growth and strength as a team.

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<!-- What our clients say about Admios -->

“I was able to dictate requirements at a high level without having to deal with the details. The Admios team was able to make technical level decisions on their own. They were a first class partner of the team.”

Will McDonald
VP Product at Conductor

“We made the decision to go with Admios due to advantages in geography, communication, and talent pool over India and Eastern European firms. Our experience has surpassed all expectations, and we're having to add resources in other areas just to keep up.”

Tom O'Connell
CEO of EndPoint Clinical

“I am very impressed with the vetting process Admios does. I have a high confidence in the people you send my way. It's great that you have been able to provide quality talent with such a quick turnaround. This is really helping us deliver to our customers.”

Jason Peters
Engineering Manager, Anaplan
Admios' resident pup

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We are working when you are working

All our devs are fluent in English and based in all three US time zones. Learn Why Nearshore is Better.

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