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Enabling You to Say Yes to More Ideas

By expanding your development capacity, we help you say yes to more. From Couchsurfing to Salesforce, to auto racing and movie rendering, our goal is to help you bring the right projects to life.

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Custom Software Development

We specialize in solving tough technical challenges with high quality, defect-free code that we’re always proud of pushing. We code in a wide variety of languages and frameworks using modern, agile development practices.

Project Management

Every project has a team lead who is responsible for ensuring requirements are met and timelines made. We work closely with your PMs and engineering managers to set the right deliverable expectations.


We understand that when starting new projects, you can’t just start writing code. We use our expertise and experience to plan and architect a robust solution that will scale over time.

QA & Testing

Using modern QA and testing tools to identify, document, and manage bugs, we’re able to ensure we deliver high quality code that improves over time.

Integrations & Data Migrations

We have integration and data management experience with common tools such as Salesforce to 3rd party custom applications. We also specialize in legacy to modern application upgrades.

Support & Maintenance

Like a car, software needs to be maintained to keep running smoothly. We can help modernize legacy code or add the necessary support to keep it functioning optimally.

<!-- From MVPs to Nasdaq -->

Getting that MVP out the door is critical to validate product market fit and sign on your first customers.

You don't have time to network or recruit new developers and may not have technical expertise to evaluate them. We can help you move quickly and turn your vision into a reality.

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  • Define basic architecture to get MVP moving.
  • Build, test, and ship your MVP.
  • Create basic CI/CD pipeline and infrastructure and establish dev ops process.

You have a need for multiple products, features, or integrations that need to be developed to justify investment.

With funding, it's time to move fast. There is no time to find additional engineers and you probably need devs with specialized skill sets. We can help fill the gaps to increase velocity and solve technical challenges.

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  • Help define architecture that can support both scaling in product and across dev teams.
  • Take control of one product line or a distinct feature set.
  • Supply engineers with specialized skill sets.
  • Develop automated regression test suites, integration, functional, end-to-end testing.

With a mature team, you have well defined processes and engineering capabilities, but struggle to attract talent now that equity isn't that attractive.

You can usually find existing skill sets but may struggle to find developers with newer skill sets, and may need help with newer technologies. We can help keep your tech stack modern and fill holes with specialized skill.

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  • Help with newer technologies or integrations you may be unfamiliar with.
  • Take control of an integration or component.
  • Supply engineers with skill sets to join multiple teams.
  • Help evaluate and improve code coverage with existing tools.

// How Engagements Work

30 minute discovery call

30 minute discovery call

In our initial call, we want to understand your staffing objectives, identify your tech stack, and get a better sense of your company and engineering culture. We’ll also provide a background about us and answer any questions you have.

Candidate matching and interviews

Candidate matching & interviews (5-7 days)

We’ll hand select developers based on your needs, stack, and culture that we think will best meet your objectives. We’ll pass selected candidates to you for interviews. We set a recruitment high bar to ensure all our developers are top quality. Learn more about our Screening and Interview Process.

Onboarding and ramp

On-boarding & ramp (1-2 weeks)

Our policy is that all our devs need to be ramped and contributing value to the code base within two weeks.

Engineers you are excited to work with

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Image link to dev interview on YoutubeImage link to engineer interview on YoutubeImage link to female engineer interview on YoutubeImage link to male engineer interview on Youtube