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Nearshore Software Development in Latin America

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/* Lower Cost than FTEs with the Benefits of Quality, Security, and Convenience */

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Based in US Time Zones

  • 50 Latin American developers based in all 3 US time zones.
  • Geographic proximity to US, can travel if necessary.
  • Proficient in english, US business communication, and culture.

Secure and Stable Infrastructure

  • No political risk, unlike Eastern EU and China.
  • Strong & fast electrical, data, networking infrastructure.
  • Strong IP laws recognized by USPTO (Admios is a US company anyways).
City in USA

High Quality Devs

  • Majority of developers educated at top computer science universities.
  • Higher quality control visibility compared to India and China.
  • Staff have an average tenure of 5 years working with US clients.
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Custom Software Development

We specialize in solving tough technical challenges with high quality, defect-free code that we’re always proud of pushing. We code in a wide variety of languages and frameworks using modern, agile development practices.

Project Management

Every project has a team lead who is responsible for ensuring requirements are met and timelines made. We work closely with your PMs and engineering managers to set the right deliverable expectations.


We understand that when starting new projects, you can’t just start writing code. We use our expertise and experience to plan and architect a robust solution that will scale over time.

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The Convenience of Nearshore Development with Admios

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