Powering Secure Messages for the Financial Industry

Symphony is a cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform that securely connects markets, organizations and individuals for the financial industry. Symphony currently has over 510,000 users from more than 340 companies worldwide, powering over 60 million monthly messages.

Work With Us

Problem -->

Symphony had made an acquisition to support identity management for their application. They approached Admios for help integrating the solution from the acquired company into the Symphony code base.

Approach -->

Admios worked with the product owner and engineering team lead to spin up a team of 4 developers: 2 FE and 2 BE. During the 11 month engagement, Admios built 2 factor authentication, a chat app, notification system, and helped with QA. The team worked in Backbone, JS, and React.

Results -->

By seamlessly integrating the identity management application into the code base, Symphony gained new functionality meeting in demand customer feature requests. They also gained new security features further establishing their differentiator in the financial services industry.

Stack Used -->
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Company Size:


Dev Team Size:

2FE, 2BE

Key Results

60 million secure monthly messages

Improved security with 2FA

New Feature: Notification System

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