Admios Wins Two ‘Best Places to Work’ Awards 2021

Admios Wins Two ‘Best Places to Work’ Awards 2021

After receiving first place in the Panama 2020 EFY awards last year, we’re excited to have been selected for two awards this year: Panama and Argentina. 

Admios Panama Award
Admios Argentina Award

Employers for Youth (EFY) is the world's largest young professionals study evaluating which companies offer the best opportunities and career development for young professionals in Latin America. More than 1,800 young professionals from 40 companies participated in the second iteration of EFY 2021.

The study evaluated the following 10 dimensions: 

1. Recognition

2. Talent

3. Innovation

4. Infrastructure

5. Quality of Life

6. Career Development

7. Benefits

8. Work Environment

9. Reputation

10. Diversity & Culture

“Our mission has always been to provide the best benefits, work/life balance, and growth opportunities for our software engineers,” said Kelly Ross CEO of Admios. “Happy and engaged employees positively impacts the work they do with our clients and creates a fun working environment at Admios.”

Key Findings

Here are the key attributes that Admios employees in Panamá found the most attractive: 

1. Quality of Life

2. Learning and Development

3. Benefits

4. Salary

5. Image 

In addition, When asked about when the ideal time is to assume a new position or transition into a new area within Admios, 75% responded one year, while 25% responded two years. 

Here are the findings for our employees in Argentina when asked about the most attractive attributes of Admios. 

1. Salary

2. Learning and Development

3. Work Environment

4. Work overseas

5. Benefits

Continued Growth in Latin America

Admios currently has software developers in 12 countries and is continuing to expand in Central and South America to staff our US clients. 

 “The reason we have a remote work policy is to attract the best talent no matter where you live,” Kelly added. “Next year we’re shooting for awards in even more countries.”

If you’re interested in learning about the career opportunities at Admios, click here to check out our current openings. 

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