Launching Converse E-Commerce in Europe

Converse, a clothing and shoe company and a subsidiary of Nike, Inc, is a world renown brand known for their internationally distinguishable shoes featuring the company’s star insignia and the All Star’s rubber sole. Converse partnered with digital consultancy firm Tacit Knowledge for their eCommerce expertise.

Work With Us

Problem -->

Converse and Tacit Knowledge approached Admios to help build and launch a localized, multi-region eCommerce site using Salesforce Commerce Cloud for the European market. This enterprise level site needed to unify the Converse brand experience while tailoring specific functionalities to unique markets.

Approach -->

A team of 12 developers was established comprising architects, analysts, developers, and infrastructure specialists. Leveraging Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the team created a customizable architecture that allowed for content/pricing adjustments per market, flexible and modern UI, a new checkout flow integrating payment gateways, and an ability for ‘create-your-own’ microsites.

Results -->

Post launch, Converse achieved brand unity across the European market bolstered by a modern user experience and checkout flow. Their new digital presence allowed Converse to accomplish their marketing and sales goals for the European market. This 14 month project finished ahead of schedule in part to Admios’ rapid screening and onboarding process which saves months compared to the lengthy hiring process for software engineers directly.

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Company Size:


Dev Team Size:

4 Admios Devs

Key Results

Brand unity across Europe

Met EU sales & marketing goals

2 week onboarding & ramp up for 4 developer team

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