Coding VFX in the Cloud for Blockbuster Films

Conductor is a cloud-based platform that integrates with VFX, VR/AR and animation pipelines to enable movie studios to seamlessly offload rendering workloads to the cloud. Their technology helped produce films such as Game of Thrones, Deadpool, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Work With Us

Problem -->

Conductor came to Admios seeking an Admin Dashboard that allowed internal staff instant access into the status, details, and management of their customer base and overall health of the company. Conductors’ senior leaders sought high-level visuals that gave them a live feed of their overall business and the ability to measure progress against their goals.

Approach -->

A three person team was on-boarded and ramped up within two weeks. Using React and Material UI, the team created an initial user friendly MVP dashboard. Building out further graphs and charts, Conductor ultimately placed the dashboard in their HQ providing real-time company data access to everyone.

Results -->

The new reporting dashboard changed the workflow for the Conductor team across the board. Account owners could be assigned and updated quickly, while an overview of account status and approval of credits were just a click away following timely push notifications.

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Company Size:


Dev Team Size:

3 Admios Devs

Key Results

Conductor customers experienced expedited service resulting from this streamlined, comprehensive internal system.

Marketing gained visibility into accounts spend enabling them to react with timely offers, while the finance team got direct access to invoicing and account data.

2 week onboarding & ramp for development team.

Increased speed of issue resolution.

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