Solving Climate Change Using Web Animation

Terraformation offers forest, irrigation, and climate technology that turns degraded lands into sustainable ecosystems.

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Terraformation was using a simple Wordpress website that was great for content management, but it wasn’t providing the visual engagement and impact Terraformation had wanted. In order to convey their mission, Terraformation wanted a new-age web animation, similar to how products are displayed on Apple’s website. The challenge was providing these animated web elements while maintaining the easy content management capabilities without negatively impacting performance and SEO.

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The team reverse engineered Apple’s web animation and chose a new technology that builds a bridge between developers and designers. Designers can build the animation in Adobe After Effect and the geometry/motion gets ported into JSON. A headless content management system, driven by Contentful, was used to keep content management simple. All pages are pre-rendered with React to ensure fast performance.

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Admios was able to meet many competing criteria for this unique project: slick and engaging web animation, easy content management, fast performance, and optimized SEO. The animation performs smoothly on desktop and mobile. Check it out for yourself at terraformation.com.

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Key Results

Apple-like web animation

Optimized performance and SEO

Easy content management

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