3 factors when choosing a Client

3 factors when choosing a Client

Since 2005, Admios has worked with dozens of clients on hundreds of projects from scrapy startups to public enterprise companies. In the past 15 years we’ve learned a thing or two on what makes the best partnership for our clients.

We know commiting to a remote development team can seem scary, which is why we’re sharing what we’ve learned in the past decade and a half. Here are the top 3 factors we evaluate when deciding to work with a client to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

Focused, Skilled Teams

Since we’re a smaller firm that specializes in custom software development, we only hire a select number of engineers after a rigorous screening process. We ensure that every engineer is proficient in english and is in the top percentile of technical skills. Our most successful projects have come from deploying these high performing teams toward a focused product initiative or technical challenge.

A red flag for us is if you have a project that needs another 20 engineers, tomorrow. If you’re looking to hire a ton engineers ASAP (and we don’t have a previous relationship with you), then we’re probably not the best fit. There are other staffing firms that can put butts in seats quickly as you need them.

While we can build large teams quickly, we prefer to do it thoughtfully over time while building a meaningful relationship with clients.

Project Scope

We specialize in custom software development and pride ourselves on hand-selecting innately curious, problem solving engineers. Our engineers are better suited to working along the entirety of a project rather than just a small piece of it. When we partner with a product or engineering lead to collaborate on project strategy and technical approach, we’re not only able to learn from each other but also build a meaningful relationship.

If you need a single, one-and-done component built, we’re not the best fit. We do take on smaller projects to prove ourselves but the real value we can deliver is when we get insight into your larger project. Project based firm that specializes in creating the same tech, cookie-cutter style, might be a better fit for you.

Project Timing

Our engineers are hardworking, naturally curious, and pride themselves on delivering quality products. We’re not satisfied until we’ve created a product that is both in alignment with our client’s goals, and the very best it can be. In our experience, the initial idea for a piece of software is often very different in its actual execution. Because of that, we like to keep a channel of communication open with our clients as we develop a product from beginning to end.

If you’re looking to hand off a half-completed project, we’re probably not the best fit. Other larger staffing firms that can slot in bodies to pick up the pieces are a better option.

We pride ourselves on transparency and will be the first to tell you if you may not be the best fit for us. And we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

If you think you are a good fit, click here to schedule a time to chat with us. We’d love to learn more about your business and how we can help.

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