Is Staff Augmentation the right choice for your business?

Is Staff Augmentation the right choice for your business?

So, you’re looking for talented engineers. Aren’t we all? In today’s competitive marketplace, the standouts are scooped up right out of the gate, and the remainder are hard to find, or charge obscenely high rates.

So, where does that leave a company looking to supplement their in-house team of developers?

It leaves them at the gates of a more affordable, sustainable, and reliable alternative:

Staff augmentation.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Think of staff augmentation as a way of filling out the talented team you already have. You already have processes, products, and great developers—you just need some additional staff to help drive things out.

Staff augmentation allows you to outsource talent that you can manage directly. You can add resources to your in-house team on a short- or long-term basis.

How do I know if Staff Augmentation is right for me?

Okay, lightning round. Let’s go:

1. You’re tired of scouring for local talent.

Staff augmentation is great if you’re frustrated by the time-consuming, disappointing search for qualified, affordable engineers and developers.

By expanding your search radius to include more than just local talent, you’ll spend less time searching, and more time actually developing your product.

2. You already have a team but you need more hands on deck.

This is especially true when you already have a project in the works. Maybe the idea of integrating an outside party seems like a waste of time and money. Let’s just dispel that notion, shall we?

Staff augmentation allows you to bring individual engineers and developers into your already established processes and systems. New team members provide you with the additional talent and manpower you need without a bunch of additional time wasted in onboarding.

Plus, you don’t have to pay to retain them when the job’s done.

3. You like to work directly with your team.

Offshoring software development often means that you have little to no say in the day-to-day creation of your product. Obviously, that’s not ideal.

Staff augmentation, especially with nearshore firms, is better for agile development. It allows you to know and interact with your team members directly, avoiding miscommunication woes. All that ensures a more cohesive team dynamic.

Of course, those are only a few of the benefits of staff augmentation. However, we’ll spare you a list of deep, probing questions we’re sure you need to ask yourself.

Take your team to the next level

Some companies hear the word “staff augmentation” and immediately picture six independent contractors thrown in a room together. But that’s not always the case. Especially if you ask the right questions up front. There are also firms like Admios, which offer what we like to call “team augmentation.”

As we all know, you can’t just put people in the same space and expect them to work well together. But there are great ways to set yourself up for success:

Working with firms that specialize in creating and training cohesive teams of engineers and developers is a start. Finding firms that value collaboration and communication, gets you even closer.

By expanding your horizons and considering staff augmentation, you’re one step closer to knocking your next project out of the park.

Please reach out if you’d like help with your next software development project.

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