Admios Goes Carbon Neutral

Admios Goes Carbon Neutral

In order to mitigate the carbon emissions our employees produce every day, Admios has partnered up with Ecologi, a company helping individuals and businesses become a part of the climate solution. 

With billions of tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere every year and human activity producing emissions at a record high, companies are faced with the moral obligation of going net-zero. We’ve recognized at Admios that we need to be apart of the solution. 

By planting 990 trees in Peru every month and supporting renewable energy projects in Taiwan, we’re one of many companies fighting to offset the carbon footprint of our business.

“Since Admios has customers, staff, and partners in a dozen countries, we have a unique perspective to see how climate change is impacting everyone across both hemispheres” said Kelly Ross, CEO of Admios. “Not only is this the right thing to do for the planet, but climate change directly impacts our business. We hope other services firms and clients take steps to go carbon neutral as well.”

As of now, Admios’ main focus is to offset our carbon emissions by directly funding the protection of old growth rainforests in Peru and supporting the development of onshore wind energy in Taiwan. 

Here is some info on the projects we are funding. 

Protecting Rainforests in Peru

The Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) tree is one of the largest and longest-lived trees found in the Amazon – they can grow up to 50m high, and live for over 500 years. However, local mining, highway construction, and illegal logging constantly threaten the ancient Brazil nut trees in this region. 

This program helps local communities understand the benefits of keeping the rainforest intact, including the benefits to the climate and to safeguarding threatened and endangered species. Visible through careful additional monitoring, there are good indicators that the project has so far been a success in its goal of protecting the rainforest from degradation and deforestation. 

Local Peruvian Planting Brazilian Tree Nuts

Terraformation, a client of Admios, is also working on mass reforestation projects around the world to combat climate change. In addition to planting our own trees, we’re proud to directly support climate change businesses using our software engineering expertise.  We're also working with King Energy which bring solar power to multi-tenant commercial properties.

Onshore Wind Energy in Taiwan

This large-scale project harnesses the strong prevailing winds along Taiwan’s Western coast to develop two onshore wind farms (one of 103.5MW and one of 46 MW). Combined, the wind farms consist of 62 turbines generating renewable energy delivered straight to the country’s national grid.

Taiwanese Workers Construct a Wind Turban

At Admios, sustainability is something we’re passionate about and we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. If this is something you’re interested in getting involved in, whether it be for your personal offsetting or your company’s, please feel free to check out the Admios Ecologi profile, where you’ll find our offsets, carbon avoidance, and supporting projects. You’ll also be able to buy some for yourself!

Carbon neutrality is just one of our major goals for 2021. Check out our 5 major goals we’d like to achieve this year on our Goals Page.  

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