Honduras to Austin, Admios Dev Joins US Tech Company Shop-Ware

Honduras to Austin, Admios Dev Joins US Tech Company Shop-Ware

In 2021, Jean-Pierre (known as JP) moved from Honduras to Austin, Texas to accept a job with Shop-Ware, a rapidly growing US tech company.  JP's excellence on front end development combined with an ability to grow as a developer made him an attractive candidate to become a full time US employee with Shop-Ware. Plus JP had always wanted to move to the US. 

Success stories like JP’s are common with Admios developers, who choose to come work for Admios as an opportunity to gain new skills and learn new technologies, improve their English, and network with the top software companies in the US. While most developers choose to stay with Admios long-term because of our top benefits and work/life balance, we encourage and celebrate those that want to move on to the next step in their career and work directly with Clients. After 2 years of working with Admios, we allow our clients to hire developers directly if both parties are interested. 

Here is JP’s story and how Admios helped him take the next step in his career. 

JP joined Admios in 2016. As a self-proclaimed introvert, JP enjoyed focusing on his work and liked Admios’ remote work policy. Before Admios, JP was working for a local development agency doing website redesigns with 40 other developers in a big, noisy office. He was always distracted, hated the commute, and felt like another number in a large organization. 

JP (far left) traveling with fellow Admios teammates

“Admios puts its developers first”, he said as the #1 reason for joining Admios. “They care about my career growth and implemented a specific plan to help me grow on day one.” Admios focuses on personal growth and skill progression, giving devs the tools to learn new technologies, and even pays for new lessons and certificates.” 

Compared to his previous position where he was working on multiple projects and clients at once, JP liked that at Admios he could dedicate his time to one client and one product. “Having a sense of ownership of my work is very rewarding. I can continuously improve the product and have a say in product decisions with the team.” JP works with a small team of internal developers, all of whom are remote. Shop-Ware helped JP get his H1B visa so he could move to the US and help improve the product as the company grows. 

JP hiking in Austin, Texas

JP offered some advice to new Admios developers: 

“If you get through the Admios interview process, you're probably a pretty good developer. I learned a lot just doing the interview which was challenging but fun and relevant. Also, learn English properly. In a business setting, proper English is just as important as learning technology tools. It is so important to clearly communicate in your daily meetings what you did yesterday and what you’re doing today. It’s hard to make a positive impression and impact if you struggle with the language. Working at Admios helped me become fluent and comfortable in English.”

“Admios knows that developers have their own career paths,” he added. “They want to support that as much as possible.”

If you’re interested in how Admios can help take your career to the next level, learn more and apply for open roles on our careers page.

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